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50+ Travel Questions That Will Increase Engagement on Instagram Stories

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It is no secret that the Stories feature on Instagram can really drive your engagement. Not only that, but it allows you to get to know your followers better and what type of content they respond to.


The Questions sticker on Stories is my go-to to interact with followers, and I love to ask engaging questions about my favorite subject…TRAVEL! Within 24-hours of posting a travel question, I start reposting responses, tagging the account that answered. In turn, the follower I tagged may acknowledge the repost with a heart, a thank you, or even repost the answer on their stories, usually tagging my account as well.

Occasionally, a follower will send a direct message saying how much they enjoy answering the questions I ask and sometimes even state so in their own story repost of their answer. Since this is a popular way to interact and make people think about their own travels, I figured I would compile a list of my highest-performing questions that you can use!

Here is my Top 50 Travel Questions List for you to use:

1. What is the most memorable road trip you’ve been on?

Instagram Stories Question

2. Do you have a dream road trip you would like to do? If so, where?

3. What road trip snacks do you love to bring/buy?

4. If you are planning a road trip this year, where will you go?

5. Name a touristy place/tourist attraction you’ve been to that’s worth visiting.

Instagram Stories Question

6. Name a touristy place/tourist attraction you’ve been to that’s NOT worth visiting.

7. What’s the best thing you’ve brought back from your travels? (souvenir/other)

Instagram Stories Question

8. Name a strange/unusual tourist attraction where you live.

9. If traveling was back to normal, where would you go?

(This question is one I asked during the coronavirus quarantine and received dozens of responses.)

Instagram Stories Question

10. Name a travel-related film/tv show you enjoy.

Instagram Stories Question

11. What is your favorite hotel brand/chain or hotel in general?

12. What are you doing this weekend?

13. Where did you go on your last trip?

Instagram Stories Question

14. What holiday is only celebrated in your country?

(I love questions like this because it is one we can all learn from. Maybe it’s a holiday you and your followers have never heard of and want to learn more about. This is a great question to find out more about another country and its culture.)

15. Name a dish/dessert you keep dreaming about after having it in your travels.

(People love talking about food, so be prepared for a lot of engagement on this one!)

16. What’s the most incredible natural phenomenon you have witnessed?

(This about your own experiences. Have you seen the northern lights, a geyser, or Niagara Falls? Chances are your followers have seen some pretty amazing things too, some things you may not have ever heard of. This question can help grow your bucket list as well as those of your followers.)

17. What is the most dangerous/adventurous thing you have done in your travels?

18. What is your favorite website/app to book travel?

19. If you won a trip to go anywhere, where would you go?

20. What is your favorite place to go in the city you currently live?

21. Where did you go on your first international trip?

22. Where did your family take you for vacation when you were a child?

23. What is your favorite body of water?

24. In what place have you seen the best night sky? (i.e. stars, northern lights, etc.)

25. What is your favorite beach?

26. Where is the most memorable trip you’ve been on so far?

27. What is your favorite travel accessory/gadget?

28. What is your drink of choice on an airplane?

29. What is the strangest/most interesting thing you’ve eaten in your travels?

30. What has travel taught you?

31. What is your favorite travel quote?

32. Name a place you feel has been affected by over-tourism.

33. Where is the best hike you’ve ever done?

34. Where have you seen the best sunset?

35. Where is the most environmentally-conscious place you’ve visited?

36. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

37. Why do you travel?

38. What tour company have you used in your travels?

39. What is your favorite airline?

40. Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

(A great question to get to know your followers better.)

41. Where do you wish you were right now?

42. What is your favorite city for architecture?

43. What is your favorite city for food?

44. What do you do for exercise when you travel?

45. What camera equipment do you bring with you when you travel?

46. In how many cities have you lived?

47. How long was your longest trip?

48. What is your favorite airport you’ve traveled through?

49. Who is your favorite travel companion?

(You can take this one a step further and have them tag the person. That way, when you share, you can tag both your follower and their travel buddy who may end up following you if they aren’t already!)

50. Respond with a travel-related emoji & I will repost a photo from your feed.

(This one is my absolute favorite and I use it often. Why? Well, everyone wants to get their account seen, gain more followers and increase engagement on Instagram. Sharing is a fantastic way to showcase some of your followers’ amazing travel photos and, oftentimes, they will repost one of your photos in return. I have had followers message me to say thanks and that they received several more followers because I shared one of their photos. It is a win-win!)

Instagram Stories Question

Bonus: Polls!

Using the poll sticker is another fun way to help drive engagement, and they are quick and easy for people to scroll through your Stories and answer as there are only two choices.

Here are a few high-engagement travel-related polls I have used in my own stories with the “This or That” theme:
  1. Solo Travel vs. Group Travel
  2. Travel by Car vs Travel by Plane
  3. London vs. Paris
  4. Beach vs. Mountains
  5. Adventure Trip vs. Relaxing Trip
  6. Plan It vs. Wing It
  7. Sightseeing vs. Shopping
  8. Tourist Spots vs. Hidden Gems
  9. Airbnb vs. Hotel
  10. Local Street Food vs. Fancy Restaurant
Instagram Stories Question

If you use Instagram questions, it is always a great idea to repost answers and tag the account that answered. If you reshare others’ content, yours will most likely be reshared as well, increasing followers and engagement. Remember, Instagram is a community and sharing is caring! Check out my Instagram page here.

Feel free to bookmark this list for your future travel-related Instagram questions and polls. And please share any other travel-related questions you have had great engagement on in your social media posts in the comments.

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