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The Blue Lagoon In Iceland Is A Bucket List Experience

Located in Grindavik between the Keflavik Airport and Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is one of the most memorable places you can go. Yes, it’s touristy, Yes, it can get crowded. And yes, it’s kind of expensive. But is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland worth it? Absolutely!


Upon arrival with my family, including my son who was four at the time, we parked our rental car and made our way along the path to the front entrance. The entrance itself is impressive with black lava rocks on either side and glimpses of blue water, almost teasing as to the wonders we were about to see.

Inside the main building, stanchions were set up just like any tourist attraction. When you get to the front of the line, you can pick what entrance you want. There are several entry options to choose from (check out the current prices on the Blue Lagoon website). Children between ages 2-13 are free, but they must wear arm floaties in the lagoon.

Upon purchasing our entries, we were given electronic bracelets which had the entry options we chose programmed on them, They were scanned to get in. These smart bracelets are also used at the swim-up bars to order drinks, tracking what each person orders. Bracelets are scanned again on the way out and you pay for any extras beyond what was included in your admission before you leave.

After purchasing our entries, off we went to the locker rooms to change and put our belongings in the lockers, which you use your bracelet to open (these bracelets are pretty awesome!). You must shower before entering the water. The locker room is quite large and there are plenty of showers. After showering, we went outside, shocked to see how HUGE the Blue Lagoon is!

Initially, it’s shocking to see the Blue Lagoon in person. Surrounded by the otherworldly landscape that Iceland is known for and seeing steam rising above the water, it’s a truly remarkable place.

There are footbridges in certain areas that you can walk over, or even swim under if you’re in the water. Lifeguards stand around with fluorescent jackets, ensuring everyone’s safety. There are a few areas where you can hang your towel and bathrobe (which come with an upgraded package) and a large deck area with lounge chairs. In the Lagoon, there are a couple of swim-up bars as well where you can grab your free drink and order any additional beverages. Order an alcoholic beverage or an Icelandic skyr smoothie, which is what I did. It was delicious, but I regretted not getting a cocktail which may have been more fitting given the relaxing environment.

Silica Mud Mask stations are found throughout the Lagoon and you are free to grab some silica mud to put on your face as you relax and swim around. Upgraded entries include two additional masks that you can request at one of the bars as well as two drinks, the use of a bathrobe, and the use of a towel.

Throughout the Lagoon, some areas are hotter than others, which made the experience all the more interesting. Steam rose from the water into the cold autumn air (we were there in October). The Lagoon also has a sectioned-off area where masseuses give massages to people on rafts right in the water. This, of course, is an extra service and part of their spa experience, but it seems like an incredibly relaxing thing to do. There is also a grotto with music that plays when you press a button AND an indoor pool area. My son and I explored every part of the Lagoon and loved every second of it!

While my son and I spent all of our time in the Lagoon, the rest of the family went to Lava Restaurant for lunch. The Icelandic cuisine is quite amazing here, so it may be worthwhile to eat at Lava or any of the other restaurants on the property.

When it was finally time to leave and head back to our hotel in Reykjavik, we went to the locker rooms to change and then visited the gift shop on our way out. The gift shop sells mostly Blue Lagoon spa products, which I have to say, are amazing, so definitely stock up on some when you visit.

To answer the question, “Is a visit to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland worth it?”, well, it is! And it should go to the top of your bucket list when visiting the Land of Fire and Ice.

Since our visit, the Blue Lagoon has expanded its offerings to include two luxurious hotels — Silica Hotel and The Retreat Hotel. If you’ve stayed overnight here, I’d love to hear from you!

Here are some tips for your visit to the Blue Lagoon:

  1. You only need to buy the standard level entry especially if you’re trying to save money. You don’t need more than that. And it may not include the use of a towel as the other entry levels, but you can always rent a towel, and also a bathrobe, if you’d like.
  2. Try not to put your uncovered hair into the Lagoon. While it may not ruin your hair, it will feel a bit weird for a while afterward. Why? Speaking from experience, the geothermal water has a high level of silica which seemed to have stripped my hair of any oils for the next two weeks. I could barely run a brush or comb through it despite using about a gallon of conditioner. It was a rat’s nest and felt like straw when I touched it.
  3. Grab some silica mud for your face when you’re in the Lagoon. You don’t need any other mask but this one. It’s lovely!
  4. Purchase your entry ahead of time on the website.
  5. Stop by the gift store. Their incredible spa products are well worth taking home, especially your tube of silica mud mask. Fair warning though – the products are expensive!
  6. Go to Lava or one of the other restaurants (Moss Restaurant or Spa Restaurant) if you can. Restaurant reservations may be made online.
  7. If you can, stay at the Blue Lagoon’s Silica Hotel or Retreat Hotel. You are guaranteed to have an overnight experience you won’t soon forget!

With its therapeutic geothermal seawater, the Blue Lagoon provides a spa experience like nowhere else on Earth. It’s such an incredible place that National Geographic has named it one of the 25 natural wonders of the world. A visit to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland will soothe and relax the soul in a transformative experience you will treasure for a lifetime.

If you’re visiting Reykjavik and looking to take a trip to the Blue Lagoon, you can check out the Blue Lagoon tour options!

If you have any questions about Iceland, please send me a message on the Worldly Roamer contact page.

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