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The Worldly Roamer Small Business Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Small business is the backbone of any economy. Small businesses in the United States create roughly two-thirds of all new jobs and contribute to about half of the GDP. Supporting any small business is important – extremely important. That is why I have decided to write this Holiday Gift Guide 2022 in order to promote several small businesses around the U.S.A.

1. Mosi Tea: For the tea connoisseur

There’s something about tea that is so enjoyable and relaxing. It’s also a ritual for many people around the world. If you enjoy a cup of tea, whether it’s in the morning or the afternoon, you must try the award-winning multi-brew All-in-One Infuser by Mosi Tea.

Just fill the cup with loose-leaf tea, attach it to the lid, fill the infuser with water, secure and lock the lid, flip it, and wait 2-4 minutes. Sooooo easy! The kit I have came with a sieve for matcha, one for cold brew, one for loose-leaf tea, and one for ultra-fine tea. 

How do you brew your tea? Consider getting yourself a Mosi Tea Infuser…or buy one for someone else – it makes a great gift!

2. Greenwich Bay Candle Company: For those who love candles

Kristen Pereira named “Greenwich Bay Candle Company” after the bay bordering the beautiful town of East Greenwich, RI where she lives and makes her candles.

She wanted to make quality, handmade products that make great gifts.  Having worked in the Science field for 14 years, she always seeks creative outlets outside of her day-to-day work from painting to baking and, of course, candle making!

As a business that started during the 2020 pandemic, Kristen wanted something fun to do and lift her friends and family’s spirits by gifting handmade candles. After multiple requests to purchase the candles, she decided to make her hobby an actual business.

For now, Kristen is focused on making different kinds of unique, small-batch, scented candles with 100% soy wax as well as diffusers. Get in touch with Kristen of Greenwich Bay Candle Company on Instagram and check out her work on the Greenwich Bay Candle Company website.     


3. Torque Coffees: For the coffee addict

What is your morning ritual? For many people, including myself, it’s enjoying a delicious cup of coffee first thing after waking up.
And Torque Coffees has to be some of the best coffee I have ever had in this country.

Aside from making deliciously sweet, smooth coffee, Torque Coffees is woman-owned and the beans are 100% women roasted. Furthermore, all packaging is reusable, compostable, and recycled, and uses FSC-certified paper and soy ink. I love the eco-friendliness of this brand too!

One more amazing thing about this company is that they practice proportional pricing meaning that coffee farmers get the first cut. Torque Coffees pre-pays 20% of the price of every coffee to coffee producers!

4. Post Meridiem Cocktails: For those who love a good cocktail

If you enjoy a good cocktail from time to time, you have to try Post Meridiem Cocktails! This Atlanta-based cocktail company makes and ships full-strength canned cocktails, and they are incredible. The company currently ships to 40 states and they make great gifts, especially for someone who’s hard to shop for. 

Post Meridiem Cocktails uses real ingredients in the right proportions. Ingredients are listed on the cans, too. The margarita was my personal favorite but they are all great! ‘Tis the season for finding great, unique gifts for someone, so why not order them a 4-pack variety pack?

5. Mountaineer Bees: For those who love unique body products

Mountaineer Bees is a small, family-owned, West Virginia-based apiary that makes a variety of skin and beard care. And it also sells beeswax, honey, and several other products. You will love how amazing the products smell, like the Apple Cider Donut Hand & Body Lotion. Not only does it smell delicious, but it feels amazing on the skin as well. And for the travelers out there, the Oatmeal & Honey Lotion Bar is the perfect item especially since you don’t need to check it in your luggage. Check out these and additional products on the Mountaineer Bees website.

6. JournalXO: For those who love to write

As a writer, I’m rarely without a notebook and pen. I recently received a beautiful journal and pen set from JournalXO, a family-owned brand based out of Kauai, Hawaii. And, I have to say, I’m in love!

The journal is absolutely perfect for writing down my notes, ideas, and daily gratitude. The ballpoint pens by JournalXO are the type of pens I love to have. Not only are they ballpoint but come in pretty colors.

JournalXO has a variety of gorgeous journals as well as washi tape and pens. They make great gifts for yourself or someone else!

7. 310 Soap Co.: For those who love sustainable beauty products


310 Soap Company’s philosophy focuses on close-to-nature skincare wellness – sustainable, holistic, and just enough science. Our methods are traditional and sustainable, and they use materials that have been used for generations. We seek to bring these traditional methods back in an elevated form (without the use of water and chemicals) – their beneficial cold process tallow soaps and skincare with only natural and beneficial preservatives. 

Not only does everything made by this West Virginia-based small business smell absolutely incredible, but I love how the products are made with natural ingredients combined with science. I’m also a sucker for gorgeous packaging which is what I found with all the products I received from 310 Soap Company. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind beauty gifts, check out 310 Soap Company.

8. Studio 3:19.: For those who love fashion


Looking for unique & stylish clothing you can’t find anywhere else? Then you must check out Studio 3:19! This store caters to all body types and offers a wide range of styles and sizes. I love the styles and the quality of Studio 3:19’s products — I haven’t seen the same fashion items anywhere else. While they do have a brick-and-mortar store in Alabama, you can also do some shopping for yourself or someone else online at Studio 3:19’s website.


9. Aquarela: For those who love flattering & sustainable swimwear

Stylish and sustainable are what make Aquarela stand apart from other swimwear brands. The swimwear is made with textiles that are compostable and biodegradable upon discard if you ever choose to discard such a gorgeous suit! Made with the first biodegradable polyamide in the world, the eco-friendly swimwear is also as flattering as it is comfortable to wear. Check out Aquarela’s website to pick out your next swimsuit and some accessories, too!


10. Oma Organics: For those who are into self-care

Oma Organics is a plant-based, organic, and cruelty-free eco-luxe bath and body product line. If you’re looking for new products to try, these are amazing! They are especially wonderful gifts for those who are practicing self-care (which we should all be doing, right?).  I, for one, was really struck by the packaging of the products. They are absolutely beautiful and also smell amazing. The botanical body oil is one I particularly love and it’s made with rosewood and bergamot.

Oma’s products are packed with organic ingredients to promote vibrant, healthy skin at any age. They have infused potent, yet gentle ingredients into their products so your skincare will be effective, yet kind to you. From sensitive skin to dehydrated skin, whether you are 20 or 100 years old they have a skincare routine for your unique skincare needs.

They formulate our body products to give your skin food that your skin will love. After all, they ARE a GOOD SKINFOOD Company!


From body oils to soap to candles to a variety of face products, you’ll love the look and feel of everything you purchase from Oma Organics. Buy a few products or a bundle as a gift — the person receiving the gift will surely be impressed!

10. NTRL by Sabs: For those who love personal care products

NTRL by Sabs (pronounced ‘Natural by Sabs’) is a personal care brand that celebrity hairstylist Sabrina Rowe started. Offering a variety of hair care and face and body products as well as accessories, NTRL by Sabs has grown in popularity since it launched in 2020. Several hair care products are made with botanicals and there are many options for products made with sustainable ingredients. I have to say, I am obsessed with this product line, especially the Coco Lav Lotion Bar that I can travel easily with! Not only are the products high-quality, but the packaging is both simple and stylish. Check out all the amazing products on the NTRL by Sabs website!

11. Travel Insurance Master: For those who love to travel

Travel insurance may be the last thing you would think about as a gift for someone, but hey, it’s a great gift for the traveler in your life. Or maybe you’re traveling during the holidays and need travel insurance for your own trip. Whatever the case may be, Travel Insurance Master will have you covered. It’s important to have an extra layer of protection when traveling and Travel Insurance Master makes it so easy to pick out a plan that’s right for you. You can learn more about Travel Insurance Master in one of my previous blog posts.

I hope you found several unique items in this Worldly Roamer Holiday Gift Guide 2022! But, while the holidays are coming up, wouldn’t it be great to support these and any other small businesses throughout the entire year?

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