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Save Time And Create Great Posts By Using Tailwind & Tailwind Create


What is Tailwind?

You are missing out if you haven’t used or even heard of the Tailwind App! This powerful platform helps you schedule posts for both Pinterest and Instagram, provides analytics on your social media accounts and now (drum roll, please!!!) you can design Pins using the brand new Tailwind Create tool!

Signing up for Tailwind is quick and easy with a free, no-credit-card-required trial (but, believe me, you will want to sign up after the generous free trial is over).

With the Tailwind free trial, you can schedule up to 30 Instagram posts and 100 Pinterest posts using the calendar with suggested posting times based on an analysis of your account. Once your allotted 30 posts for Instagram or 100 posts for Pinterest are used, the trial is over.

Tailwind also has a hashtag finder that suggests hashtags tailored to your Instagram posts. This can help multiply your reach across the platform.

When I first signed up for Tailwind’s free trial, I was skeptical that it would work. I started with Pinterest and was surprised at how quickly my account grew by scheduling posts! Within a month, I had achieved roughly 800,000 impressions on my account and thousands of saves! It has helped grow both my Pinterest and Instagram accounts exponentially.

For me, Pinterest has been my greatest success. I love Instagram, but making Pins for Pinterest has been such a fun and creative outlet for me. However, I sometimes get stuck on the design aspect of my travel quote pins and it takes me a bit longer than I would like to spend. Just like writer’s block, I get designer’s block. But Tailwind has come to the rescue!!

And how has Tailwind come to the rescue? Drumroll, please!

Tailwind has recently released TAILWIND CREATE!

What is Tailwind Create?

Tailwind Create is the in-app creation tool to help you design Pins. You can now create Pins faster than ever before, using your brand colors, photos, website, and logo. (Tailwind even provides royalty-free photos for you to use if you don’t have your own.)

You will be able to create high-quality content with ease by making designer-quality Pins quickly. Streamline and optimize your Pinterest marketing better than ever before.

If you would like to sign up for Tailwind, click here for your free trial, start scheduling Pinterest Pins (and Instagram posts), and you, too, can use Tailwind Create

P.S. Here are a few examples of what I created with one quote in Tailwind Create:

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